What To Expect During Your Estimate

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What To Expect During Your Estimate

Painting is so much more than picking a color. We understand this at Home Works Painting. It’s why we will ask you a series of essential questions at our first meeting, and your answers will directly impact the project. We will explain the decisions you need to make, our process, and our own decision-making for your project.

Here’s a glimpse of how the painting process works. It’s much more than just selecting a color.


As we said, many other decisions must be made. You will make some of the decisions. (Don’t worry, we’ll prompt you with questions and guidance.). Some decisions will be made by us, based on what you tell us.

        • The most obvious decision is color selection. You select the color, but we can provide some guidance.
        • Where we apply paint affects the type of paint (oil, latex, etc.) we need to use. For example, walls and doors might require very different kinds of paint. Then, where those walls and doors are located can also affect paint selection.
        • Together, we need to select paint sheens. We’ll discuss with you why sheen matters. Using the wrong paint type or sheen can lead to a poor appearance and affect the paint’s overall integrity.
        • We will determine how much paint we need to buy based on the size of the project.


Expect to pay according to the type or brand of product we use and, of course, the project’s scope. Various factors can affect the cost of painting a room. But other things can also affect prices.

Today’s supply chain issues have caused prices to go up in almost every industry across the globe. Unfortunately, paint has not been immune from paint shortages and price increases. The Washington Post recently reported that, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Producer Price Index program, the price of interior paint climbed 21.2 percent in 2021 over 2020.

A side note on pricing: Delaying your repainting project because prices are higher than usual might actually cost you more money in the long run. An example of this is exterior painting. Once your home’s exterior shows worn-out or flaking paint or wood rot, you’re past due for repainting, and repairs will be needed. The more you wait, the bigger the repairs, which means higher costs.

Product Quality

Prices aside, clients should understand that premium products are usually the best option. Higher quality paint tends to hold up much better against wear and tear through the years. The longer paint lasts and protects the underlying surface, the longer you can go between repainting. So, investing in a quality product upfront can save you money in the future.

Product types

Many different types of paint exist today, thanks primarily to technological advancements. We must match the right product to the project’s needs. Certain rooms or surfaces require certain kinds of products, so it’s rarely a “one size fits all” solution with paints. For example, we use oil or latex paint for high-use cabinets or cabinets in high-moisture areas because they hold up better under those conditions.

Paints come in various finishes or glosses. Unfortunately, there’s no consistent naming or labeling across the industry. You’ll find different names, like flat or matte, mean the same thing. The key thing to know is that flat or matte paints hide surface flaws better but don’t hold up well to cleaning or wiping. The more gloss paint has, the more you’ll see underlying surface flaws, but the easier it is to clean. Having said all this, however, recent technology has made flat paints more durable for cleaning. We will discuss sheen with you.

To Prime or Not to Prime

We believe in priming and adequately preparing a surface before painting. It’s crucial to correctly prepare a surface, so the paint can adhere well and not reveal any underlying repairs. Skimping on critical preparation steps is a shortcut to issues and poor results. We also believe in using a separate primer rather than an all-in-one product.

Working Together

As you can see, some critical decisions are needed before starting a painting project. Before we select a paint product, we consider a project’s characteristics before making a recommendation to our clients. Our two decades of paint contracting experience and current market knowledge allow us to do the best job for our clients.

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