Why the Decision Maker Needs to Be Present

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Why the Decision Maker Needs to Be Present

When we come to assess your painting needs, it’s extremely important to have the decision-maker (or makers) present. Without them there, we probably can’t make a fair assessment of the project. That, in turn, would affect the estimate or quote we give.

If the decision-maker for the project isn’t there when we arrive, we’d likely have to return when they can be there to speak with us in person. There are several reasons for this, which are worth discussing in this post.

We Have Questions

Whenever we assess a project, we will have some questions for the homeowner. Those answers typically affect our evaluation and, ultimately, the estimate for the project. It saves everyone critical time if the person who knows about the project and will make the project decisions is present. A teenager, housekeeper, or neighbor can let us into your home, but they probably can’t answer all of our questions. We will need to speak with the person who’s requested the project estimate.

Scope of Project

Before we come to make an estimate, it saves everyone time if you know what you want to be done in your home. We will discuss that and other things during our meeting.

Here are some examples of questions to ask yourself before we come:

        • Which rooms do you want to be painted?
        • Do you want the doors, trim, and ceilings done as well?
        • Are we painting the closets?
        • Do you have colors picked out?
        • Do you know what sheen you want?
        • Do you have any trim or sheetrock repairs that need to be done?
        • Do you want to add trim molding anywhere?

As you can see from these questions, it’s critical that the homeowner or person requesting the estimate be present at our meeting. They will know the most about what’s needed for the project. Without those answers, we can’t produce a detailed estimate.

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