Service Areas

What areas do you service?

We currently serve Northern Virginia including Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, Arlington, and Alexandria.


Are you licensed?

Yes, we are licensed in Virginia. Class A BLD #2705153298 (expires 06-30-20)

Are you properly insured?

Yes, we have General Liability and Workman’s Compensation.


Do you warranty your work?

Yes, we offer a limited six-year warranty that covers labor and materials (some conditions apply, please read full warranty details in our terms and conditions)

What does that mean?

If you’re having any issue with peeling paint, cracked caulk, etc., we come out and make the repairs at no cost to you.

How To Get Started

I’ve never painted my house before. Where do I start?

Give us a call or submit a request here. Our Office Manager will help you schedule a free estimate with one of our estimators. Once you meet with our estimator, they will go over the project and then send you a detailed estimate.

Do you give estimates over the phone?

No, every house has particular details about it that make it different from every other home, even if it’s the same model as another home. We want to make sure we every aspect of the job and go over it with you in person. That way, we can make sure we give you an estimate that covers what you want.

Do you have a job minimum?

Yes, our minimum job is $1200.

How long is the estimate valid?

Our estimates are valid for 60 days.

Are your crew employed by Home Works Painting or do you use day-laborers?

We have not and will not use day-labors. All of our crew members are employed and trained by us.

Do you have any references?

Yes, our estimator will give you a list of our references during your initial consultation.

During The Job

Do I need to be home when the crew is working?

Not necessarily. As long as we have access to the work area, you do not have to be home.

I’m having trouble selecting colors. Can you help?

Absolutely! If you hire us for your painting project, you can request a free color consultation with our interior designer.

Where will the crew start?

That’s up to you. There’s no right/wrong answer to this question. Please let us know which rooms/areas you’d like to get painted first. We’ll work around your convenience.

What happens if your crew finds additional wood rot that’s not written in the contract?

The Crew Leader or Field Supervisor will contact you and go over the specific area(s) and write up a Change Order that will detail the additional work and costs. We’ll need your signed approval before the crew gets started on that.

Who do I speak to if I have any questions/concerns?

You can speak to your Crew Leader, or if you need to speak with someone else, you can call the office directly and press the extension to either speak with the Field Supervisor or your Estimator.


What brand of paint do you use?

Most often we use Benjamin Moore  & Sherwin Williams.

What if I want to buy the paint?

You are welcome to purchase the paint yourself, but we don’t recommend it. This will void the warranty of the job, will most likely be more expensive for you, and it adds another item on your “to-do” list.

What kind of finish should I use?

That’s entirely up to you. Here’s a list of commonly used sheens:

  • Flat — paints have a big advantage by being non reflective. They tend to conceal imperfections and are great for walls that are a bit irregular or battered.
  • Eggshell or Satin — paints have a little luster. They bring warmth and depth to a surface. While more stain resistant than flat paints it’s not as good as glossier paints.
  • Semi – Gloss — paints are somewhat stain resistant and easy to clean.  These paints add a subtle gloss and are not as reflective as the gloss or high gloss paints.
  • Gloss or High Gloss — paints are tough and the most stain resistant. They are the easiest to clean but beware they also tend to show imperfections in your walls and woodwork. Make sure your surfaces are in good condition.
How do you apply the paint? Brush/roll? Spray?

A vast majority of our jobs require us to brush/roll. There are very few exceptions where it is acceptable to spray. Those include an empty home, or projects that have one color applied to all surfaces (interior).

When you replace rotting wood, do you use real wood or a composite material?

Whenever possible, we replace with composite so that the boards will never rot again. The great part about that is that it looks like wood, takes paint like wood, but it won’t rot like wood.


When will my project get started?

Once we’ve received your signed contract and deposit, our staff will contact you to schedule a start date. Our staff will work with you to choose a date that fits your schedule.

What time can I expect the crew to arrive?

You can expect our crews to arrive between 8-9am for most projects.  If it’s a small job, our staff will contact you to schedule a different start time.

Do you work on weekends?

We do not typically work on the weekends, however, there are rare occasions where our crews will request to work on a Saturday, but we do not require them to do so.

What Will You (Home Works) Need From Me?

Will I need to sign a contract and pay a deposit?

Yes, we require a signed contract and a 1/3 deposit to get the project scheduled.

What are your payment terms?
  • A deposit of 1/3 total price due upon of the agreement.
  • The remaining balance is to be paid on the last day of the job.
  • Progress payments for any job over $5,000.00 will be 1/3 deposit, 1/3 midway, 1/3 completion.
  • If a deposit is paid with a credit card, that same card will be charged upon completion unless other arrangements have been made with our office ahead of time.
  • Pa​yments more than 30 days past due of completion of job are subject to interest at the rate of 1.0% per month. In the event of collection, customer agrees to pay reasonable attorney fees plus all cost of collection.
Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.​

What about water or electricity?

We do need to have both running water and electricity in order to complete the project. If this is an issue, please let the estimator know that we can make proper arrangements.

Will I need to move everything out of the room?

Not necessarily. Most of the time, we move everything to the center of the room and drape it with plastic drop cloths.

Awards and Recognition

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