Exterior Painting

Exterior painting serves two purposes: It helps create a protective barrier for your home’s exterior, and it can transform the overall aesthetic of your home. Our exterior painting services can create beauty while offering surface protection.

A high-quality professional paint job is critical to preserving and protecting your home from weather elements. At Home Works Painting, our crews have extensive experience working on exteriors across Northern Virginia. A properly prepared exterior paint job will preserve your home and produce the curb appeal you desire for years.

Our exterior paint services include:

    • Cleaning your home’s exterior surfaces to remove dirt, mildew, oxidation, and debris.
    • Removing any loose or cracked paint.
    • Carpentry improvements such as repairing or replacing any wood rot or other exterior materials, including moldings, railings, and trim.
    • Caulking joints and seams as needed.

Awards and Recognition

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