How to transform your office with a fresh coat of paint

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How to transform your office with a fresh coat of paint

We recently wrote about how you might be able to keep your business open while we repaint for you. Today, we’d like to discuss updating your commercial space with paint. Your offices should look professional – especially if you see clients there. An outdated office looks unprofessional and sends clients the wrong message about your work. If your commercial space is ready for a paint update, our tips below should be helpful.
Update with Paint:
Repainting might be all your office needs to update or revitalize its look. A fresh paint job can transform a space, but so can the color you select. When our clients sign up with us for a new project, they receive a free, one-hour color consultation as part of our services. It can be a huge help in selecting the right color for their space. Many factors can influence color selection for a space, including the space’s size, amount of light it receives, and furniture and colors in the room. Our consultant will walk you through these and other elements to help you make the best choice.
Gray, Black, and White:
Black, white and gray are very popular paint colors today, both in homes and offices. These three colors can be neutral, formal, and luxurious. But they also can be bold and whimsical depending on what other colors you are in the room. Lastly, gray, black, and white will give off a clean, fresh vibe.
Add Color:
Don’t be afraid to introduce vibrant colors to an office, especially in large open spaces where you can use color to break up the monotony. Color can add interest and make an otherwise space more dynamic and cheerful. You don’t have to paint every wall in a bright color. Often, painting one wall as an accent wall with color is sufficient. An idea we like and see a lot: one bright accent wall surrounded by neutral colors.
Use Color Psychology:
Check out this previous blog post about color psychology. Select colors that are appropriate for your business or industry. Do you want a calming effect? Go for blue. Do you need to boost creativity? Select a green. Our previous post goes through the psychology of various colors.
Introduce Contrasts:
Many experts believe that color contrasts can increase brain activity and improve attention span. It’s why you often see color contrasts in school hallways or gathering spaces. We suggest looking at opposite colors on a color wheel for ideas or using light and dark shades of the same color.
Chalkboard and Whiteboard Paints:
If writing on the wall is useful for your employees, you don’t necessarily have to buy a whiteboard or chalkboard. (We’ve written about both types of paint in the past.) Save some money and let us use whiteboard or chalkboard paint instead to give you the same result.
 If you’re ready to update the look of your office, give us a call before you start a remodel or buy all new furniture! A coat of paint could transform the space. Contact us to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate.
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