Using Chalkboard Paint

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Using Chalkboard Paint

We love working with our clients to personalize their Northern Virginia homes. Chalkboard paint is one way to do that. If you have children who love drawing – or if you’re the creative type yourself – read on. 

What is chalkboard paint?

Chalkboard paint is a paint that turns most surfaces into a chalkboard writing surface. When first introduced, only a few brands offered it. Today, it’s much easier to find, less expensive, and easy to apply. Also, it’s easy to wipe off the chalk.

Where can you apply it?

You can apply chalkboard paint on virtually any surface. See below for a few ideas.

Need a little inspiration?

If you need a little inspiration for using chalkboard paint, we’ve got it. 

  • Attach a wood frame (think picture frame) of any size to a wall. Paint the space within the frame in the chalkboard paint for a creative look.
  • Use chalkboard paint near the garage door or wherever you usually exit your home to run errands. Use it to write reminders or lists for yourself or your family. Snap a picture of the reminder just before you leave home. Saves paper and time!
  • For a more contemporary and unexpected look, paint an entire wall in rooms like a dining room or eat-kitchen. Invite guests to leave messages. Write the dinner menu or display a favorite quote or poem.
  • Paint a wall ⅔ of the way up from the floor in chalkboard paint in a children’s bedroom or playroom. (You could add a trim molding at the top edge.) Why not paint the full wall? For safety – you don’t want to encourage younger children to climb up to reach the higher levels.
  • We’ve also seen it on tabletops. 
  • On a side note, you can even buy chalkboard paper at craft shops!


In its early days, chalkboard paint was black. Today, it comes in various colors, with some brands offering chalkboard paint in hundreds of colors. It even comes in clear so that you can apply the chalk surface to any surface color! 

Where to find chalkboard paint:

If we are applying chalkboard paint for you, leave it to us to purchase it for you when we buy the other materials for your project. If you’re doing your own project, look for chalkboard paint in the usual places you would for any paint, like Lowes, Home Depot, craft shops, Target, or Amazon. 

We hope you found this post helpful! If you would like us to apply chalkboard paint as part of your painting project here in Northern Virginia, let us know when we come out to do your estimate. We’re happy to discuss it with you. 


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