Important Tips for Updating Workspaces

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Important Tips for Updating Workspaces

Our workspaces represent who we are as a business to visiting clients. It’s essential to send the right message with attractive, updated spaces. If your walls look worn or have peeling paint, it’s time to repaint.
Contact us if it’s time to update your office’s paint job. We have experience painting workspaces with as few business disruptions as possible while we’re there painting.
Repainting your office
A fresh coat of paint can go a long way toward updating a space. Rather than replacing all of the furniture or doing a renovation, consider whether fresh paint might be enough to update the room. It often is! We’re happy to provide some guidance.
Use Color Psychology
Using color psychology when selecting colors for a commercial space can help create workspaces that employees (and clients) will appreciate. Be sure to choose colors that are suitable for your business or industry. For example, do you want to create a calming space? If so, try a soft blue hue. If you want to boost creativity, green is the way to go. You can learn more about how to apply color psychology in a previous blog post.
Neutral paint colors can create an elegant, clean-feeling aesthetic. They can also be a great backdrop to pops of brighter colors added throughout your office through artwork, furniture, accent walls, or window treatments.
Bright Colors
Bright colors can create vibrancy in a room, particularly in large spaces. They can add interest to an open floor plan. Rather than paint all your walls in bright colors, which can be overwhelming, consider adding color with an accent wall.
Use Contrasting Colors
Have you ever noticed how certain spaces, like schools, have contrasting wall colors? Color contrasts are believed to increase brain activity and improve attention span. That’s why we often see color contrasts in school hallways or gathering spaces. Select opposite colors on a color wheel to select compatible but contrasting paint colors.
Writing Walls
You don’t have to buy a whiteboard or chalkboard. There are high-quality paints that will allow you to write on the wall. We can use a whiteboard or chalkboard paint to create write-on walls!
 Contact us if you’re ready to repaint your office or workspace. We’re happy to visit and provide you with a free estimate. Contact us to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate.
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