Tips for Baseboard Paint Touch-Ups

Baseboard Paint

Tips for Baseboard Paint Touch-Ups

Baseboards can be the workhorse of any room’s vertical surfaces. They take a beating. And if you have active children, it’s probably a bigger beating! However, regular paint touch-ups can keep your baseboards looking fabulous! These touch-ups can be a relatively easy D.I.Y. project. However, if you need to do a lot of touching up throughout your home, you should call in the pros. They have the experience, tools, and materials to do the job well and efficiently. If you’re tackling the project yourself, here are a few tips to help you.

Paint Quality: Don’t skimp on paint quality. We don’t. High-quality paint for your baseboards pays off in the long run. Oil-based paint lasts longer and holds up better than water-based paints. Lastly, don’t use old paint that smells off and has been sitting around for more than five years.

Quart-size: Unless you have a lot of baseboards to touch up, you can probably make do with a quart of paint. Plus, a quart is much easier to carry around than a gallon. If you’re reusing paint from a gallon can, pour some into a disposable container instead of lugging the gallon around.

Painter’s tape: It’s worth applying painter’s tape before you paint to protect the wall and floor. You’ll have cleaner edges while protecting the wall and floor.

Paintbrushes: Two points about paintbrushes we want to make. 1) Use a high-quality paintbrush. If you use an inexpensive one, you’ll end up with bristles in the paint can and on freshly painted surfaces. Cheaper brushes don’t hold up well. 2) Use two paintbrushes when you paint baseboards: one to brush the dust off the baseboard, the second to apply the paint. Tempting as it might be, don’t paint over dust or dirt!

Frames: Consider touching up the door and window frames while you have the paint out!

Lastly, before you put away the paint, do an inspection. You’ll be surprised how much you missed on the first go around!

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