Matching Your Home’s Design Style with Paint Colors

Define your home style

Matching Your Home’s Design Style with Paint Colors

Let’s talk color as we head into a new year! Selecting a color that suits your home’s interior design style and your personal preference can be challenging. There are countless colors to consider and many design styles. How do you coordinate everything? As Sterling, VA area professional painters, Home Works Painting can offer some advice.

Define Your Style:

If you’d like to select colors that work well with your home’s interior design style, you’ll need to identify its style. While there are many versatile colors, some coordinate better in certain spaces.

Let’s look at the most common design styles:


Traditional design tends to be more formal. Its roots extend back as the 1600s, but most traditional homes draw more from the 1800s French and English architectural details.


      • Ornate wood trim and wall paneling
      • Dark wood furniture with ornate trim detailing
      • Rich, patterned textiles such as velvets, brocades, and silk for drapery and soft furnishings
      • Ornate light fixtures


Deep rich colors such as burgundy, hunter green, plum, and navy are standard – and work well – in traditional designs.


Modern design is rooted in mid-century modern (1950-60s) designs heavily influenced by Scandinavian design of the same period. It’s defined clean lines and minimalism. Modern designs of recent years feature a strong focus on sustainable materials.


      • Sleek lines, surfaces, and elements with liberal use of glass, metal, and contemporary man-made materials
      • Open spaces, often with neutral-colored walls
      • An uncluttered aesthetic
      • Uncomplicated lighting fixtures
      • Emphasis on functionality, simplicity, organic
      • Colors:

Wall colors are typically white or other light-colored neutral.

Modern Farmhouse:

The modern farmhouse aesthetic has grown in popularity in the last decade or so. Its features blend rustic with modern to create a cozy but uncluttered look.


      • Blend of modern and rustic design elements
      • Shiplap, linear wall details, wood beams, and barn doors
      • Open-concept floor-plans
      • Clean-lined lighting


Neutral wall colors with occasional pops of color


The transitional design blends at least two design styles, creating a nice aesthetic. Typically, it’s a blend of modern and traditional, a study in contrasts. If architectural features in the home are more traditional, then the furniture is more modern and vice versa.


      • A harmonious blend of two or more design styles is evident throughout the space.
      • It balances styles; rarely is one design more prominent than another.


Colors vary but lean toward modern neutrals with occasional pops of color.


Coordinating paint colors with your interior design style can be a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Our clients each receive a free color consultation. Whether you prefer modern or more traditional styles, there is a perfect color for your home. Let us help you identify it! Call Home Works Painting today at 703-629-6543 or schedule a free estimate online for a color consultation and professional painting services.

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