How do you distinguish one painting contractor from another?

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How do you distinguish one painting contractor from another?

How do you distinguish one painting contractor from another? There are several ways you can do it, but one reliable measure is to gauge the quality of their tools and equipment. Why? Because a reputable and professional painting contractor invests in high-quality products for their crews to use. And, that investment should matter to you because the quality can affect the process, project outcomes, and even the safety of the employees.
Would you want someone building your house to use inexpensive tools which aren’t professional-grade? Probably not. The same goes for painters.
Committed to Quality and Safety:
At Home Works, we have always been committed to ensuring the safety of our crews and the quality of our projects – and we’ve written about it in the past.
One way we practice safety measures, in addition to monthly training, is by investing in high-quality equipment. For example, we like to use Festool products*. They are an American company established in 1929 and make some of the best portable tools in our industry. They’re not inexpensive, but, for us, it’s worth investing in professional-grade tools given the amount of work we do. We believe that our crews and our clients are worth the investment.
Researching & Investing in Equipment:
Festool is just one example. We also invest in other quality brands. Rather than regarding our tools and equipment as something unimportant, we make it a point to research quality and reliable equipment and materials for our projects. Being so meticulous pays off when it comes to the final results of our work – and that is to the benefit of our clients. For example, using a low-quality spray painter is never a good idea. They tend to get clogged, don’t always spray evenly, and aren’t as reliable as the more expensive brands. The difference between a professional-quality spray paint job and a cheap one are usually pretty obvious. We can’t afford to make these type of mistakes, so we invest in a professional spray painter.
If you have any questions about the tools and equipment we would use on your project, please feel free to ask us! We could spend hours discussing tools! If you would like us to do an estimate for your next paint job, please contact our offices.
*We haven’t received any compensation from Festool for including them in this post.
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