Add Curb Appeal with Accent Features

Repainting home exterior

Add Curb Appeal with Accent Features

Do you love your home but are ready for a new exterior look? Repainting your home’s exterior and adding new accent features or colors can transform its look. A few changes can have a significant impact!

Here are four tips for adding new design accents to your home’s exterior:

Repaint Entryway:
Entryways and front doors are typically the focal points of your home’s front, in part because it’s the entry point for most visitors. As people pull up to a house, they look for the front door. Make yours stand out with a fresh coat of paint to create a clean, welcoming appearance.

Want a bold look? Select an entryway color that contrasts with the rest of the exterior. Let’s say your siding is a light color. Select a darker color or shade for the front door and entry (the area or trim immediately surrounding the front door and stoop) to make it pop. (Select a lighter color if the siding is dark.) If painting the entire entryway sounds like too much change, repaint your front door with a high gloss finish in a contrasting color to the rest of the facade for an eye-catching change.

Window Trims & Shutters:
Window frames and shutters are a great way to add interest and introduce a splash of color to your home’s exterior. You can create an elegant or a fun, informal look, depending on the color. Match shutter colors to your front door or go with something that contrasts. Try a glossy black front door with shutters painted a flat charcoal gray for a more formal look. For a more informal look, how about a light pink door and shutters? If you don’t have shutters, consider adding them for architectural design interest.

Restain Deck:
Don’t forget the other areas of your exterior! If your deck is ready for a stain treatment, add some variety. Use one color on the deck and a contrasting color on the railings.

Add Architectural Details:
If your home’s facade lacks architectural details and interest, those can be added. Anything from dentil moldings to new front columns can transform the look of your home without costing a fortune. You can paint trim the same color as your siding (and increasing popular look in recent years) or be a bit more traditional and paint it a crisp white.

Schedule Now:
If you’re ready to make some changes or updates to your home’s exterior, contact us to schedule an appointment for an estimate. We’re happy to consult with you, answer your questions, and offer a plan and estimate on transforming your home. We’ve been painting Northern Virginia homes since 2005!

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