Why you should let us supply the paint.

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Why you should let us supply the paint.

Hiring someone to perform work in (or on) your home is somewhat of an act of faith, especially if it’s the first time you work with them. We understand that just as we know that some clients prefer to buy the paint themselves rather than have us do it. However, as the contractor on a paint job, we should buy and supply the paint we will be using on your project. It’s more efficient, and it can save you money.  Think of it this way: would a client provide the other supplies we use such as brushes and ladders? No, of course, not.
Paint stores offer a discount to contractors which means we can get a much better price on paint than you or any client would.
There’s no time commitment on your part and no searching for paint. That’s our job.
We have the necessary experience and expertise.  We know the exact paint to buy, where to buy it, in what sheen, and how much of it.
Our goal is to meet and even exceed your expectations for the work we provide.  We will give you a fair, transparent, and detailed estimate so that you are well informed and comfortable going into the project. There are no hidden charges in our contracts. We can discuss our process with you and answer any questions you have.
So when it comes to buying the paint, please let us as an experienced painting contractor provide whatever paint your project requires.
If a painter ever asks you to purchase the paint rather than they buying it, you should proceed with extreme caution. It could mean they don’t have the financial means to buy the paint before they’re paid.  That’s often the sign of a business that’s not financially stable.
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