Why we don’t match competitor’s pricing

matching competitors paint price

Why we don’t match competitor’s pricing

Price matching is a topic that comes up occasionally. Do we match a competitor’s estimate? It’s typically a potential client asking, but it also comes up once in a while from a past client. The short answer is that we do not match competitor’s pricing, and we’d like to explain why.
Apples to Apples:
When you compare prices from two or more service providers, an “apples to apples” comparison is important but elusive. If you look only at prices on an estimate, it’s not always an accurate or fair comparison. Several factors are included that aren’t line items. For example, you’ll see the number of paint coats and the amount of preparation we do, but you won’t know the crew’s expertise. These are the calculations we take into account when setting pricing. But there’s more.
What Influences Pricing:
Some of the essential factors that influence our pricing include (as we just said) the experience and skills of our crews. And, as we said, there’s more:
      • We invest in our employees by providing regular safety training.
      • To ensure high-quality services, we regularly attend industry conferences to help us stay current on products, techniques, and industry standards, among other things.
      • We also pay for comprehensive insurance and keep our licensing current.
      • We invest in up-to-date equipment.
      • When you hire a contractor, you want one who invests in all of these things to ensure overall excellence, safety, and job outcomes.
Pricing vs. Outcome:
You typically get what you pay for. If a client only cares about price, they are likely sacrificing quality, safety, and/or overall service. We’re unwilling to compromise the service we provide our clients or how we invest in our employees. We haven’t built an excellent reputation by sacrificing those things.
But just because we don’t compete on pricing doesn’t make us the most expensive. We believe our pricing should be fair and reasonable for what we deliver – quality, reliable service and value. We think our clients agree with us because we have repeat business and word of mouth referrals.
If you would like us to provide an estimate for your project, we’d be happy to. Please contact our office to set up an appointment for a no-obligation, free estimate.
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