When is a good time for exterior painting?

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When is a good time for exterior painting?

Summer days are fading, and so is your home’s exterior paintwork. So when should you schedule an appointment? When is a good time to do exterior painting? Spring, summer, and fall are ideal for exterior painting in the Northern Virginia region. Once the temperatures dip below freezing, it’s time to wait for warmer days. Let’s take a closer look.

Timing & Temperatures:

If the temperatures creep too high or too low, the paint may not bond properly to the underlying surface. That can lead to cracking and peeling. Ideally, we would prefer to do exterior painting when the temperatures range from 50° to around 85°F, with little to no wind. (Too much wind can cause the paint to dry too quickly.)

Latex paint is usually the best option for most exteriors. It’s best used when temperatures are between 50°- 95° F (some brands allow for application in colder temperatures.) The paint will dry too quickly if it’s too warm.
The ideal humidity range for exterior painting is 40% to 70% to ensure proper paint-drying conditions. This is something to keep in mind when we’re doing summer exterior paintwork.

Cold Weather Painting 

To do an exterior paint project in the fall season, we need the air and surface temperatures to stay above about 32° F degrees (overnight). If we paint when it’s too cold, the paint will not properly cure, prolonging drying times and slowing down the project.
As we’ve shown, several variables affect an exterior paint job, including temperature, wind, and humidity. The paint brand, type of paint (oil or latex/acrylic), and the underlying material must also be considered. And, of course, we hold off painting if rain is expected within a certain time frame of completing a job, or we risk ruining the painted surface.
We love talking about our work and answering your questions! Feel free to call our offices if you have any questions about your project and how we might be able to help you this coming fall and winter.
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