What’s included in a paint job?

What's included in a paint job

What’s included in a paint job?

A fairly common question a client will ask is: “What’s included in a paint job?” It’s a great question. While there’s usually some difference from one job to another, there is a standard baseline for all our work. For example, preparation and clean-up are a part of every paint job. From there, we personalize each project to meet its needs. You don’t get cookie-cutter work with a reliable and highly experienced contractor like Home Works Painting.  

Below, you can see some of the details included in a quote for a newly-built house. It gives you an idea of the level of detail you can expect in one of our estimates. Transparency is critical so that clients can make informed decisions. You should know what you’re getting when you’re paying for a service.

However, there’s more! In addition to specifying paintwork, we also provide information on the prep and clean-up involved, so clients know what to expect.

Here’s what you’ll see in your quote:


* All furnishing and floors will be covered and protected.

* All stress cracks and nail pops will be repaired with fiberglass joint tape, blocked, skimmed, and sanded.

* Glossy surfaces and trim will be sanded and cleaned, (as needed), to assure proper paint adhesion.

* Scrape and sand rough areas due to previous paint failure.

* Caulk all wood trim work as necessary.

* Apply an oil base sealer to water stains and tannin wood stains.

* Work areas will be cleaned up and debris will be taken away.


* Scrape and hand sand all exterior surfaces to remove loose or peeling paint.

* Spot prime all bare surfaces with exterior primer.

* Caulk all wood trim work as necessary.


If you have any questions about our work, our company, or quotes, we’d be happy to answer your questions. Please contact our offices. We work with clients across Northern Virginia.


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