What do your colors say about you?

What do your colors say about you?

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The minute you walk in to somebody’s house you can tell a lot about that person by the choice of colors they have on their walls.

If you are debating on which colors to use in different areas of your home, here are some helpful tips.

If you are deciding on a color for a communal area where you plan on having game nights or socializing, reds, oranges, and yellows would be a great choice for this type of zone.

Browns, greens, and grays have the ability to make you feel stable and calm so these are great choices for an area that you want to feel warm and comforting such as a sitting/living room.

A crystal clean and organized feeling comes from the colors white and blue which is often why you find these colors in kitchens or powder rooms.

So what do your colors say about you?



Picture from: http://sites.psu.edu/siowfa15/2015/10/21/do-colors-affect-emotion/


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