Transform Your Room With Molding

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Transform Your Room With Molding

Transform Your Room With Molding

We often extol the virtues of repainting a room to transform its look. However, it’s not the only way to change things up. Moldings, which we also install as painting contractors in Northern Virginia, can add interest and depth to a room. It can take a brand new house with virtually little architectural detailing and turn it into a house which looks custom-built.

Here are a few tips if you are considering adding trim moldings.

Design: You will need to decide whether you want a traditional look or something more contemporary. Do you want it on your wall, ceiling, or pilasters? What pattern or design would you like?

Types of Molding: There are no less than ten different types of wall moldings, and you can see examples of each style in this article about moldings.

* Door Casings

* Baseboards

* Crown (see below)

* Chair Rail

* Cove

* Dentil

* Board & Batten

Decide where you would like to add moldings: wall or ceiling? If you need ideas, try browsing magazines in print or online. In most cases, crown molding is pretty straightforward, and one of the most popular types of trim installed today.  There are several styles from which you can select depending on the architectural interiors of your home.

Installation: The trick to molding is to use it strategically and judiciously. More importantly, however, is that an expert flawlessly installs it. Too many homeowners feel adding trim is an easy DIY job only to realize that the finished product isn’t quite what they imagined. Just like painting, prepping and proper finishing of the molding can be critical. Exposed nailheads or poorly sanded wood can ruin an entire project.

Use molding to change the style of your home or room. We can work with you to decide on the type and style of molding if you need assistance. Then, we know how to apply it so that the results are flawless and look professional.


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