Tired of your kitchen cabinets? Why not repaint them?

Kitchen cabinet repainting in Chantilly, VA

Tired of your kitchen cabinets? Why not repaint them?

Are you thinking of replacing your kitchen cabinets because you’re tired of the color or stain? You might not have to replace them. We have transformed kitchens by repainting the cabinets. It saves the homeowner thousands of dollars, and they get a beautiful new look!
Here are some things to consider about your cabinets before you go through the challenge and cost of replacing them:
Should you Paint your Kitchen Cabinets?
      • Are your cabinet doors showing some wear and tear?
      • Is the cabinet color looking dated?
      • Are your cabinets a dark oak color, reminding you of the 1990s?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time to consider painting your cabinets to refresh your home’s look.
What is the process?
We try to repaint any room with as little impact as possible to your family. We also clean up each evening before leaving. An average-sized kitchen can take 5 to 7 days to paint. The process includes:
      • Protecting all surrounding furniture and appliances.
      • Ensuring your access to your appliances throughout the project, especially in the evenings.
      • Cleaning and sanding the cabinets before we paint.We cover the floors and protect countertops.
      • Prime and paint all surfaces by spraying for a smooth factory-like finish.
We use high-quality products.
We always use high-quality professional products to ensure the durability of the surface. High-quality products also give the cabinets the most professional look.
What is the Cost of Painting Cabinets?
      • There are several factors we consider when determining the price for painting cabinetry:
      • The condition of the cabinet doors and drawers.
      • Amount of prep and cleaning needed to be able to paint. This takes time and labor.
      • We consider any repairs, such as filling holes and knicks, that need to be made.
The number of doors and drawers will affect the price, including side panels and appliance panels. Overall, most kitchens in Northern Virginia will cost somewhere between $3500 and $10,000 to repaint kitchen cabinets.
If you would like us to provide a detailed estimate of what it would cost to paint your kitchen cabinets, please contact our office. We offer free, no-obligation estimates.



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