Tips for how to save money on your next painting project

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Tips for how to save money on your next painting project

Did you know there are a few things you can do to help save you money the next time you hire a professional painter? Below are some handy tips for you. We recommend that you speak with the painting contractor as well because, depending on your project, they can suggest some ways to shave a few dollars of your costs.

Here are three ways to save money when you hire a professional painting contractor.

      1. Schedule during the winter:We offer a winter discount! Projects tend to slow down during the winter, but it can be an excellent time to get some painting work done. Depending on the weather, we might be able to tackle outdoor jobs as well.
      2. Don’t wait too long: You can save money by not waiting too long to repaint. For example, exterior paint flaking can leave the wood exposed. That can lead to wood rot, which can cause extensive damage. By doing regular paint maintenance, you can save money by avoiding issues like wood rot.
      3. Paint what’s needed only: Skip repainting unnecessary areas or items such as closets, doors, and trim moldings. These items can take more time and use more paint.
      4. Keep the same color or close to it: Using the color already on the wall can make the work go more quickly. Dark colors, however, can sometimes require three to four coats of paint, taking us longer.


There might be other ways you could save a few dollars, depending on your project. Call us to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate.

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