The Importance of Preparation

Deck Washing After Sanding

The Importance of Preparation

We can’t say it enough. Preparation is the most critical step to painting. As professional painters in Northern Virginia, we’d add that ensuring a clean surface part of the prep process. When it’s an exterior surface, then pressure washing is a must-do part of the job.

You can pretty much predict the outcome of any paint job before the first touch of paint. How? By the amount of preparation the painters do.

A clean surface

Paint needs to adhere to a surface to yield good results. If it doesn’t stick well, then you can expect some paint flaking and uneven results in the paint’s finish.  For the paint to adhere well to any surface, that surface must be clean from dust, grime, mildew, or anything which could prevent the paint from sticking. A clean surface is critical to the overall integrity of a paint job.

How do we do this on exterior surfaces? We pressure wash it – something best done by professionals with professional-grade equipment.

What can be pressure washed:

  • Railings
  • Decks
  • Wood & Vinyl Fences
  • Concrete Driveways & Sidewalks
  • Certain Patio Furniture
  • Stone and Pavers
  • Asphalt

Just because something can be pressure washed doesn’t mean it should be, especially by a non-professional!

A few points about using a pressure washing:

1. A garden hose doesn’t have sufficient water pressure.

2. Pressure washers can have over 5,000 psi in water pressure; if not used correctly and skillfully, it can cause severe surface damage by deteriorating or stripping the wood or paint.

3. A professional knows how to pressure wash carefully. For example, it’s important not to get water under the siding, as it could lead to more significant issues in the future.

4. Pressure washing brick and mortar can be tricky if the mortar is missing or you have old bricks.

5. Pressure washing can address issues such as mildew and algae on exterior siding or walkways.

Pressure washing without painting:

You don’t have to paint your home’s exterior to consider a pressure washing. It can be a good idea to do pressure wash on a regular basis, if just to keep your siding, walkways, or driveway free of dirt, mildew, and algae. A build-up of mildew or algae on paths can cause a hazard because they become slippery.

If you would like us to provide an estimate, please give us a call. We’re happy to advise you and offer an estimate whether you want to pressure wash, paint, or both.


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