The 2020 Paint It Forward: Two Boys’ Rooms!

2020 Paint it Forward

The 2020 Paint It Forward: Two Boys’ Rooms!

Of all our painting projects here in Northern Virginia, our annual Paint It Forward project is the most rewarding. This year we once again collaborated with the Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation to do a pro bono paint job for a deserving individual or family who has been affected by cancer. As a cancer survivor, I understand the challenges of cancer on both the patient and their caregivers. Our annual Paint It Forward project is an opportunity for us to give back to our community.
The Big Makeover:
 This year we transformed two bedrooms for two special boys, Toa (11 years old) and his brother Vasa (6 years old). Toa is in remission for leukemia, and he was ready to transform his bedroom into a more grown-up space. We had a lot of fun working on their rooms.
Here’s what we did:
Toa loves computers and gaming, so we converted his room into a phenomenal high-tech room worthy of an expert gamer. We started by painting the walls a deep navy blue and added LED light strips to create a cozy but high-tech atmosphere. Toa received four new tv screens, a new bed, and a new desk. We didn’t forget his beloved pet, though, because we also installed a cat perch on one wall! Toa now has his very own mini-arcade!
Younger brother Vasa also received a bedroom makeover. The active six-year-old loves Pikachu and the outdoors. We transformed his room with a mural depicting the outdoors in blues and greens and applied large Pikachu stickers. We made things even more exciting by installing rock climbing pegs. Now, he can literally climb the walls! Another neat feature in Vasa’s room is his new treehouse bed.
Lastly, we cut open a hole in the boys’ adjoining closets, which share a wall, and created a “secret passageway” between the two bedrooms! Needless to say, the boys loved it – but so did we.
We are already looking forward to next year’s Paint It Forward project. We don’t just enjoy meeting these families. Using our skills and donating our time to help a deserving family is important to us as well.
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