Ten Tips for your Fall Checklist

fall home maintenance checklist

Ten Tips for your Fall Checklist

As a Northern Virginia painter, our experience has taught us that fall is an excellent time for home improvement projects. The moderate temperatures of fall are an ideal time for outdoor projects such as exterior painting, power washing, and exterior repairs.
Here are ten things to consider for fall.
  1. Refinishing and painting wood decks or fences are best done in fall or spring when the temperatures are less extreme. Staining a wood surface doesn’t do well in high heat or freezing temperatures.
  2. You can install wood floors any time of year, but they do best when the humidity and temperature are lower.
  3. Late fall, after all the leaves have dropped, is a great time to clean your gutters!
  4. Summer is a popular time for renovations projects, so why not schedule a project for fall when contractors might be less busy?
  5. Fall is a good time for exterior painting! As long as the temperature remains above 35-degrees, we can get the work done.
  6. Check your home’s exterior for any cracks or wood rot as these need to be remedied sooner rather than later – and before any exterior painting.
  7. Replace weather-stripping and caulking that has been compromised to keep your home more energy-efficient.
  8. The end of summer is a great time to professionally power wash outdoor surfaces.
  9. Spring, summer, and fall are ideal for roof repairs and replacement. You don’t want workers on a roof where they could be ice.
  10. Fall is an excellent time for interior painting. Actually, any season is suitable for painting interiors. As long as there isn’t too much humidity, and we can control the inside temperatures, we can remove wallpaper, prep walls, and paint.
We offer home repair services in addition to painting. Contact our offices if we can be of help.
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