Six crucial things about spray painting & your home.


Six crucial things about spray painting & your home.

Is spray painting your home’s interior your best option? With decades of painting experience, we are well-qualified to answer this question. While spraying can save time with the actual painting, it typically involves a lot of preparation. Also, it’s not a universal answer to all paint projects, particularly if you plan on doing the project yourself.

Using a spray painter can be challenging at best. For the best results possible, leaving spray painting to the pros is best.

1) Spray painting is an excellent option for specific types of surfaces or materials. For example, uneven finishes, such as wood latticework, or intricately detailed surfaces, such as wood carvings or details, are better spray painted than brushed or rolled.

2) The equipment matters significantly. You should use professional-quality equipment for the best results, including an even finish. Spraying guarantees no surface brush or roller lines and can produce a well-coated surface. However, in the hands of an inexperienced painter, even a professional sprayer won’t guarantee the best results.

3) Experience is the next important factor for spray painting. While the quality of the equipment matters, so does the painter’s experience. In the hands of a professionally experienced painter, spray painting can be the best method for your home’s interior walls, cabinets, or woodwork.

4) A lot of advance preparation needs to be done before spray painting. Every surface not being painted must be well-covered or moved to another room. It’s too easy to overspray when using a spray painter, so everything needs to be taped and covered. While spray painting is a quick way to apply paint, much time goes into preparation.

5) This isn’t typically a good DIY project for a homeowner to tackle. Professional spray painting equipment isn’t easy to master and takes practice. And as we said earlier, the quality of the equipment makes a huge difference in the results and how long it takes you to complete the job. For example, inexpensive spray painters tend to clog easily and not adhere the paint evenly on a surface.

6) Before you tackle a do-it-yourself spray painting project in your home, we strongly recommend you consult a professional, experienced painter. While doing it yourself sounds like a money and time saver, that’s rarely the case. The professionals have the right equipment and experience to tackle your project and deliver the best results!

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