Selecting the Correct Paint Type

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Selecting the Correct Paint Type

When selecting paint, it is vital to consider the surface you intend to paint. Paints aren’t a one-type-fits-all. They must be matched according to the surface material to be painted, which can be tricky. However, a qualified painting contractor knows the correct type of paint to use. Paints, including water and oil-based paints, come in various types to address different needs.

Matching paint type to surfaces

Using the wrong type of paint will lead to issues. For instance, paint designed for drywall will not produce desirable results if used on wood. Similarly, you’ll need different paints for cement and metal surfaces. Be sure to match the paint to the type of surface.

Matching paint to a room

Yes, you’ll want to match the paint type to the room type. For example, kitchens are more likely to get stained with food splatters and oils, so using a paint product that is easy to clean and durable (won’t rub off easily) is best.

Bathrooms need paint that can withstand high humidity. A room that receives a lot of sunlight needs paint with high resistance to UV light and low VOC content.

Paint types

Choosing the right type of paint can be daunting because so many varieties are available. So, it’s essential to understand which one to use, where, and when.

Types of paint

        • Oil-based paint
        • Water-based paint
        • Latex paint
        • Acrylic paints
        • Aluminum paint
        • Epoxy Paint
        • Enamel paint
        • Emulsion paints
        • Cement paints
        • Textured paints

If you’re planning to do the painting yourself, the first step is to identify the surface material you will be painting. For instance, are you painting drywall or plaster walls? Once you know the surface type, you can seek advice at a paint store to help determine the best paint type for your needs.

If doing it yourself isn’t for you, call us now to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation estimate of your project.

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