Reviving the charm of a Virginia cottage

virginia cottage carpentry

Reviving the charm of a Virginia cottage

This charming house owned by the Palmers had a significant amount of wood rot, even though it was built in 2014. They were also looking for a bright, new color that breathed some life back into the home. Here’s how we achieved this look.

The job description:
It was time to bring back the home’s original charm! The Palmers wanted to update the look of their home and ensure that necessary repairs were made. We met with them at their home and did a thorough assessment of their home’s exterior to determine what, if anything, needed to be repaired and what cosmetic changes they wanted.  Once they received our estimate and signed the contract, we were off and running.

The Palmer’s task was to pick out a terrific new color. Our job was to begin prepping their home starting with a soft wash of the exterior. We also replaced some wood rot and addressed some other minor repairs.

The work:
It’s pretty typical that with time, wood will deteriorate especially as paint thins with age, and no longer provides a barrier against the weather. There were some places that we needed to replace wood rot with PVC material. PVC doesn’t rot or deteriorate like wood does, making it a better choice for outside areas. While we substituted the wood rot we found, we also made sure to keep an eye out for any other areas that might appear once we began pulling back wood. Had we found any, we would have spoken with the Palmers about the new findings. We never make changes to a job or contract without first discussing them with a client!

Once we completed the cleaning and replaced any wood rot, we moved on to the fun factor: exterior painting.

Typical prep for exterior paint jobs can include patching holes, deep gouges, cracking nail pops, and large humping nail pops. Where possible, we sand out any previous runs or sags and nicks at corners.

We applied two coats of Benjamin Moore Aura paint on all surfaces.
If you live in the Northern Virginia area and would like to transform your home’s curb appeal, contact our office to schedule a free estimate and assessment. Perhaps we’ll be featuring your house in one of our next project profiles!

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