Repainting a Grand Old Dame in Herndon Inbox

Repainting a Grand Old Dame

Repainting a Grand Old Dame in Herndon Inbox

On a quiet, leafy street in the heart of Herndon, Virginia, we had the privilege of working on a historic house. The grand old dame is 143-years old. Seeing the before and after results of this beautiful Victorian gave us a sense of satisfaction and pride. Here’s the profile of what we did to make her shine again:


Before we start painting a house of this age, preparation is critical. After all, she’s had 143 years of painting and wear and tear to get her this far! We started by washing the home’s exteriors carefully. This included the siding, trim, porch, decking, and railings.

Exterior Carpentry  

Once the exteriors were clean and dry, we needed to do some extensive carpentry repairs to replace extensive wood rot before we started to repaint. Repairing the wood rot on this home was no small task, but it was critical. Addressing wood rot is vital to a home’s overall soundness. If you leave the rot too long, it will eventually allow moisture and water to penetrate the home’s interior, leading to leaks and mold. That can cause extensive and costly damage. We replaced exterior wood rot in several areas around the front porch, soffits, railings, stairs, and the siding.

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Exterior Painting

Once all of the wood rot was addressed, it was time to begin repainting the home. We prepared and painted (2 coats) the following areas:

        • Siding
        • Trim
        • Porches
        • Windows
        • Doors


We used exterior Sherwin Williams paints specific to each area. For example, we used Porch and Floor Enamel for the porch floors and Duration for all of the trim.



Most people wouldn’t describe the work we do as fun, particularly on a home of this age that requires so many wood rot repairs. However, we would say that the work is rewarding. There’s a particular pleasure for us ensuring that future generations see and enjoy this beautiful Victorian!


If you have a painting project you’d like us to assess, whether it’s new construction or a historic home, we’d love to speak to you. Give us a call or use our online scheduler to schedule an appointment for an estimate.

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