Removing Wallpaper for a Beautiful Transformation!

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Removing Wallpaper for a Beautiful Transformation!

It’s not often we have a 33-year old “before and after” in the making! That’s how long Marie’s wallpaper had been in place when she asked us to remove it in favor of paint. As a painting contractor, this is one of those projects we relish because it posed a bit of a challenge. However, our experienced crew led by Miguel were up for it! As you can see in the before & after picture, it was a worthy transformation!
It took us four days to remove the wallpaper. It had been in place so long that we needed to be cautious and do it correctly – otherwise, we risked causing unnecessary wall damage. While we can patch up wall damage, given the age of the house, we wanted to avoid causing any damage.
Here’s what we did for the client, using Benjamin Moore paints:
Painting the foyer, stairway, hallways, powder room, kitchen, and family room. Surfaces included the ceilings, walls, trim, and doors.
Prepping the surface is critical for high-quality results to be achieved. If a painter doesn’t clearly outline his process for prepping before painting, think twice about using them. Not taking the time to properly prep everything can have detrimental effects on the results.
As part of our preparation, we typically do some or all of the following as needed:
  • Patch holes and deep gouges.
  • Fix cracking nail pops and large humping nail pops that stand out under natural lighting conditions while standing 4-6 feet back from the wall looking straight on.
  • Sand any previous runs and sags.
  • Nicks in outside corners will be sanded out.
  • Repair stress cracks, cracking outside corners and lifting inside corners where applicable using fiberglass mesh or paper tape and 3-4 thin coats of quick set joint compound.
Sand all repairs smooth and spot prime the repairs that we used joint compound on with primer.
We believe in taking our time when we’re preparing a surface before painting and when we’re making repairs to a wall before painting. Being meticulous is why our clients return to us through the years for their painting needs. We service clients throughout the Northern Virginia area and are happy to provide a free estimate.
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