Project Profile: When Architectural Details are Stunning

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Project Profile: When Architectural Details are Stunning

It isn’t often that the “before” pictures of a project are almost as beautiful as the “after” ones. That was the case, however, for an interior paint project we did this summer in Upperville, VA. The large home was nothing short of spectacular. We were brought in to update the interiors with new paint colors.

When the homeowner called for an estimate, we scheduled an appointment having no idea what awaited us. While we treat every project we work on as unique, this was one of those rare houses with which painters have an almost love/hate relationship. Being offered a project of this magnitude and beauty is exciting, and it keeps us on our toes professionally.

Details Matter:

The level of architectural detailing in this traditional colonial is likely on par with any historical building in our state. Nothing was boring about this house – from its architecture to its scenic views.  Anywhere you looked there was something of interest.

However, a lot of architectural detailing and trim moldings can be challenging. But this is the type of project, which took a month to complete, is the kind we relish.  Given our experience and skill, we knew what had to be done to obtain the best results for this beautiful home. Methodical preparation is critical to achieving a high-quality finish;  no cutting corners to save time, particularly with a project of this complexity and magnitude.

Before and After:quality interior painters and carpentry service chantilly

As you’ll note, the “before” pictures don’t show any dire need for repainting. There’s no noticeable paint flaking, peeling, damaged sheetrock, or other major wall repairs required. However, that doesn’t mean a fresh coat of paint wasn’t needed. Eventually, every paint job begins to show its age through fading or cracking at joints. Additionally, the new homeowner wanted to personalize and refresh the home’s interior look by updating the paint colors.

We think the most dramatic difference is probably the (previously) red dining room and hallway.  Sometimes when a lot is going on with the moldings as there is in this house, you don’t need a bold paint color to highlight the trim. A neutral allows the eye to take in the moldings without competing with bright colors on the surrounding walls. It’s a case of less is more.

If you would like to schedule an estimate of your next paint project, please contact our offices to schedule an appointment. We enjoy and appreciate every project we work on, and we look forward to working with you.

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