Project Profile: Garage transformation

Garage project transformation before and after

Project Profile: Garage transformation

It isn’t often that we get to contribute to a wedding through our work – even if it’s in a roundabout way! When a client was planning a garden wedding for her daughter, she asked us to repaint her garage. With its badly peeling paint, it was well overdue for repainting.
We carefully examined the garage and assessed it carefully before providing an estimate and planning out the project. Here’s what we did to transform the garage into a stark “before and after” photo.
This project involved priming, prepping, and repainting all:
      • siding
      • door and frame
      • window & frames
      • garage door and frame
      • fascia soffits
      • rake boards
We used Sherwin Williams paint and matched the existing colors of both the siding, doors, and trim, and used Sherwin Williams Duration Gloss. It’s important to use high-quality materials when painting outdoors. If you don’t use high-quality materials, you could find that the paint won’t last as long, and you’ll need to repaint sooner rather than later.
Before we could begin painting, we had to carefully prepare all of the surfaces because the siding was peeling so badly. You can’t just paint over peeling paint, or you risk compromising the quality of the job. (It also wouldn’t look as good.) So we hand-scraped and sanded all exterior surfaces to remove all loose or peeling paint.
Once that was finished, we then spot primed all bare surfaces with an exterior primer. We also caulked all wood trim work as needed. Any wood rot or damaged wood was repaired or replaced. Wood rot should never be ignored; it can lead to more significant problems.
Our Recommendation:
We suggest you regularly inspect the exterior of your home for flaking or peeling paint and any wood rot underneath. If you have any concerns, please call our office.
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