Project Profile – Exterior

Kara Barnes before and after

Project Profile – Exterior

Never underestimate the power of paint when it comes to a home’s curb appeal. These before and after pictures of a Fairfax home pretty much speak for themselves: an ordinary red-brick is now an updated and beautiful, painted-brick home.

Our client, Kara, asked us to paint her home’s exterior brick for a completely new look. The original red brick was, as all red brick is, beautiful and elegant. However, Kara was ready for a bold change, and we were able to accomplish that with paint.

If you’re feeling tired of the look of your home, painting it could be the answer. Keep in mind that it’s definitely a job for the pros, and the results can be well worth the investment.

Project Profile:
All of our work is done in compliance with the EPA’s Renovate, Repair, & Paint (RRP) regulations, and we state it in our contract. Why? Because we don’t believe in cutting corners. We’re committed to maintaining high standards and adhering to any applicable regulations.

Here’s what we did for this house:

1) To get the exterior ready to be painted, we started with soft washing the following areas: brick, siding, trim. Before you paint any surface, indoors or out, you have to be sure that it’s clean or the paint won’t adhere properly.

2) We then moved on to preparing the exterior to be painted. This included the following areas of the home: brick, siding, front door frame, front porch (ceiling, columns), windows, window frames, garage doors, garage door frames, and back door frame. We also did a minor repair in the garage siding.

Per the client’s request, these items not included: the gutters, downspouts, fascia, rake boards, front door, and shutters.

3) Here are the kinds of paint we used on this particular project:

Trim – Two (2) coats of Benjamin Moore Regal Select Semi-Gloss.
Siding – Two (2) coats of Benjamin Moore Regal Select Flat.
Brick – Two (2) coats of Romabio BioDomus I Masonry Paint will be applied.

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