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Sometimes a paint color, despite being beautiful, can date your home. The rich butter yellow in this foyer was elegant, but it also dated the house. Paint colors today tend to be more neutral. If they’re a dark color, they tend to be in green, blue, or gray tones. The homeowner, Adrienne, selected a  lighter, more neutral color, and our crews transformed her foyer and upstairs hallway into a stylish more updated space worthy of a magazine.
Project Profile:painting and carpentry services chantilly
We painted the entire foyer and up the stairwell with two coats of wall paint and one coat on the trim. We painted around an automatic window shade instead of taking it down and, at the client’s request, we even changed the batteries for the homeowners.
We also painted the upstairs hallway. Again, we put two coats of paint on the wall color and one on the trim. (Trim includes baseboards, window/door casing, crown molding, chair rail, shadow boxes, stair stringers.)
Do You Need an Update?
Your home is your castle, and you should always decorate in a manner that makes you happy. Having said that, if you want a more “stylish” look, you should consider changing the wall color. But how do you know what color to choose? How do you ascertain if your home’s color is outdated? The answer is: buy a few design magazines and peruse their pages. What wall colors do you see and like? Let that answer guide you when you’re trying to decide if your home needs a paint color update.
In the project for Adrienne, the butter-colored walls were beautiful, but she wanted a refresh. The lighter color she chose is more in keeping with color trends today. The color transformed the space.
If you’d like us to take provide you with an estimate for your color transformation project, please call our office to schedule an appointment. We’re happy to come out and assess your needs.
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