Personal Connection to a Project

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Personal Connection to a Project

It’s not often that we get to do a project with a personal connection to one of our employees. However, a recent paint and molding job we did brought one of our estimators, back into their childhood home in the Fairfax, VA area. The project turned out to be a nice example of “before and after” wood paneling – removing it, not installing it.

When homeowner contacted us about doing some work for them, we had no idea that our estimator had once lived in the house.  As it turned out, the homeowner wanted to replace the mantel, so our project manager saved it and gave it to our estimator as a keepsake from their old home.   

As you can see by the before and after pictures,  the homeowner’s instincts to remove wood paneling made a considerable difference in the room. Usually, we’re hired to install molding, but in some cases, it can make more sense to remove it instead as we did here.


Here’s what else the project entailed:

Family room

We removed the wood paneling on two walls and replaced or repaired drywall where needed. That included taping, blocking, skimming, sanding, and priming the new drywall as we readied it for painting.

We installed new crown molding and baseboard to match the existing ones. We then painted the walls, ceiling, and trim.  

As we stated earlier, we removed the existing mantel and installed a new one picked out by the homeowner.


We repaired drywall where needed and repainted two of the home’s bathrooms giving them a new look altogether.

Foyer & Stairs

If you have nice but old railings, it’s not always necessary to replace them. In this case, we just prepped them and added two coats of oil-based paint to get them looking brand new! The stairs were next with all new paint on the walls and ceiling. Once again, for a small investment, the stairwell and ceiling were transformed.

Living room

Here the homeowner asked us to make some minor repairs to the ceiling where paint was flaking. We were able to do that pretty easily and touched up that area with some paint.

We enjoy working with clients in transforming their vision for their home into reality. Whether we are doing a straightforward paint job, making repairs, or adding or removing molding, there’s great satisfaction in seeing our homeowners happy with the results! If you live in the Fairfax, VA area or anywhere in the Northern Virginia area, we would be happy to provide an estimate for your project needs.

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