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Spray Painting Inside Home

Paint Spraying

Let us offer a few words of advice for do-it-yourselfers thinking of spray painting their home’s interior. We can understand wanting to save time when it comes to any household project, including interior painting, but spray painting might not be the way to go about it. For several reasons, it is a project best left to professionals with the proper equipment.

Advantages of Spraying:

If properly done using the correct equipment, spraying can be the quickest and easiest way to provide the most even and professional finish. It is especially useful where the surface is uneven such as with lattice work or architectural detailing. It is much easier to paint these types of surfaces with a spray painter than with a paintbrush or roller. In the hands of a professional, spray painting can be the best way to finish your home’s interior walls or woodwork. Spray painting itself can be faster than rolling or brushing your walls. But…

Disadvantages of Spraying:

Every surface you do not want to paint needs to be well covered including any furniture, ceilings, fixtures, flooring, and windows. It’s too easy to overspray when using a spray painter, so you’ll need everything taped and covered. The time you, as an individual, might save with spraying you could very well take up with taping and covering surfaces. On the other hand, an experienced paint crew can tackle it faster and more efficiently. Using professional spray painting equipment isn’t easy to master and perfect. It takes practice. The quality of your equipment will matter to the quality of your final results.

A Word about Equipment:

If you don’t use high-quality, professional equipment, be prepared for complications and problems that could cost you more time and money than you initially planned. Lower-end spray painters will not spray evenly across a surface. You could end up with an uneven paint coat and color hues. The nozzles of lower-end spray painters are far more likely to clog so you’ll need to stop frequently and clean out your nozzle. It’s messy and time-consuming work!
For top results with your indoor painting, working with a professional is your best option. If you’d like us to assess your project, we would be happy to provide a free, no-obligation estimate. As a leading and reputable painting contractor in Northern Virginia,, our results are always professional, reliable, and superb. We look forward to working with you.

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