One or Two Coats

One coat or two coat

One or Two Coats

One or two coats if using a primer and paint product?

Clients often assume that if they (or we) use a primer and paint all-in-one product, it automatically means only one coat of paint is needed. That’s not necessarily the case. While using a primer does help to mask an already painted color, even a paint and primer product doesn’t always provide sufficient coverage.

Sometimes (certainly if the existing wall color is dark) we need to do a second coat of paint to ensure complete coverage and the best finish. We realize that a second coat means more in labor costs for our customers so whenever we can, we do a single coat of paint to help save them money. However, there are times when it’s not worth skipping that second coat.

Here are a few possible exceptions to a second coat:

Ceilings: This is one area where we can often get away with a single coat, assuming the new color closely matches the original color. Ceilings are usually painted with a flat sheen which does a much better job of hiding flaws. If a primer is needed to cover any particular spots, we can often get away with spot priming.

Doors and trim:  Assuming the new color is a close match to the original ceiling color, we can sometimes get away with a single coat of paint on doors and trim using very high-quality enamel paint. (It’s always our preference to use high-quality products on doors and trim moldings, particularly in high-traffic areas.)

Walls: We usually prefer to do two coats of paint on all walls whether or not we’re using a paint and primer product. Why? Because it’s far more difficult to mask flaws, even with flat paint, on an area as broad as a wall. Also, if we’re using anything but flat paint, then a second coat is required. Flat paint is the most forgiving when it comes to masking flaws in the paint or sheetrock, and it’s frequently used in rental properties.

As professional and reputable painting contractors in Northern Virginia, we understand that your home is a significant and personal investment. We will always work with customers to be sensitive to costs without sacrificing results, quality, and service. If you would like to schedule a free estimate, please contact us.

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