More than a Painting Project

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More than a Painting Project

Would it surprise you that a typical job for us often involves more than just painting a wall? Repeat customers Wendel and Louise in Reston wouldn’t be surprised at all because they called us recently to work on their beautiful, split-level home.

Their project involved a combination of painting, staining, drywall repair, and carpentry. It took us two weeks to complete, and we think the results helped update the interior of the home. Whether it was removing carpet from the living room’s steps or adding a contrasting highlight wall, there was a significant difference by the time we finished.

Here’s a look at what we did for Wendell and Louise – and what we could do for your home as well.

Interior Painting/Staining (materials included):

  • Foyer/main level hallway – walls, trim, railings, doors
  • Living room – walls, trim, window frames
  • Dining room – walls, ceiling, trim
  • Upstairs hallway – walls, ceiling, trim, doors, window frames, one side of ceiling beam
  • Master bedroom – walls, ceiling, trim, doors; includes repairing drywall tape in the ceiling
  • Master bathroom (w/water closet) – walls, ceiling, trim, doors; includes repairing water-damaged drywall

That’s just the painting. Here’s what else we did in the home:

  • We removed some vertical carpet along with the molding above it. We then installed and finished drywall there.
  • We installed red oak stair tread and stair risers leading into the living room. We then applied a stain and clear coat to the stair treads and painted to the risers to match the trim in the room.
  • We removed the newel from the post, then sanded the top of the post.
  • Touched up ceiling by the fireplace.
  • We removed the existing baseboard molding and installed primed and painted 3 1/4″ baseboard molding throughout the living room, dining room, upstairs hallway, and master bedroom.


We consulted with the client regarding the paint colors as well as desired sheen. We applied two coats on the interior walls, ceiling, and trims/baseboards. We used:

  • Sherwin Williams Duration Home for walls
  • Sherwin Williams ProMar for ceiling
  • Sherwin Williams ProClassic for baseboards in semi-gloss
  • Railings/Stringers/Beam/Window Frames took two coats of Minwax Polyshades Stain

Our preparation before we begin any project is typically the same:

  • Cover all furnishing and floor.
  • We prepare all cracks and nail pops, if any, with fiberglass joint tape, block, skim, and sand.
  • All glossy surfaces and trim were sanded and cleaned, as needed, to ensure proper paint adhesion.
  • Where there was any paint flaking, we scraped and sanded rough areas.
  • We also caulked all wood trim work as needed.
  • The water and tannin stains we repaired with an oil-based sealer.
  • We cleaned up our work areas and removed any debris.

We’re grateful that Wendel and Louise were so pleased with our work the first time that they called us back! If you need some painting and minor repairs completed in your home, contact our office to discuss how we can help you transform or update your space.

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