Middleburg Home Gets a Refresh

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Middleburg Home Gets a Refresh

This beautiful wood and stucco home owned by our client, Andrea, was ready for a paint refresh. We also did some exterior siding repairs and added new wood or siding trim in certain areas of the exterior. This rural Middleburg home is now ready for the upcoming winter and the years to come!

The Prep & Washing:

This beautiful house consists of the original section of the home and a more modern addition. We needed to work on each section differently, given their different materials and ages. We decided to not power wash the older section which consists of original wood siding, rake boards, dormers and posts on the back of house. Those areas were cleaned using a special product. The rest of the home was cleaned using a soft wash.

We then prepared and scraped off any loose or chipping paint and applied two coats on all of the windows on the back of the house connected to the areas being stained.


The home also needed some carpentry work, either adding new pieces or replacing old ones. This included:

  • Installing reverse crown molding to the top of all four small porch columns on the front and back of the house – to prevent birds from making nests in those areas.
  • Replaced all wood siding on the five front dormers with cedar wood material.

We prepared and painted two coats of paint on all of the newly installed materials.

Paint: Benjamin Moore, Aura, semi-gloss.

Last, but not least, was the home’s chicken run! We sprayed on a clear coat of Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Exterior Waterproofer on the interior and exterior sides, including its trellis.

If you think your home is ready for a paint refresh, give us a call.

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