Let’s Talk Color: Part 2

Questions to ask during a color consultation

Let’s Talk Color: Part 2

Last week, we blogged about the effects of color in part one of our “Let’s Talk Color” series. Today, we present part two: questions to discuss during a paint color consultation. We encourage you to consider these four questions and some of your own if you plan on doing a paint color consultation. All of our clients receive a free, one-hour color consultation with our interior designer. That consultation can be a valuable resource.

Question:      At what point should I start thinking about wall color if I’m building or remodeling?


As early as possible, and certainly before you start picking out furniture. Although it’s often cheaper to change wall color than it is to buy new furniture, it’s a good idea to begin considering wall colors early in the design (or redesign) process so you can end up with a coordinated design scheme.

Question:      Why can’t I rely on paint chips to make a selection? It’s easier and faster.


The appearance of paint color can appear differently according to the underlying material. Paint the same color on beadboard and sheetrock, and you’d be surprised at how different it looks! Put up some samples before you paint an entire room. Paint chips aren’t enough.

Question:      How do I know I’ll love a color I pick out?


You don’t know if you’re going to love a color until it’s up on your wall. That’s why it’s always a good idea to paint large samples on several walls of a room. Check them throughout the day because the light reflects differently according to where the sun is overhead. Color in south-facing rooms will be more authentic, while color in east-facing rooms appears bluer. Check out this page on our blog for more posts on selecting a paint color.

Question:      When selecting a paint color, what are some other factors to consider?


Besides the light and location of the room, you need to consider the other colors in the room whether it’s on different walls, furniture, accessories, soft furnishings (pillows), and wallpaper. You want your colors to coordinate for a more polished look.


Lastly, remember that it’s just paint! You can always repaint! Give us a call if we can be of any help.

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