It’s Important to keep up with exterior painting of your home

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It’s Important to keep up with exterior painting of your home

It’s critical that Northern Virginia homeowners stay on top of the exterior painting of their homes. (Spring, summer, and fall are great times for exterior painting.)  We detail below several factors you should consider. Waiting too long to repaint (or repair) an exterior can cost you a lot in repairs that could have been avoided.
Paint isn’t just a cosmetic element. It serves to mask the surface it’s applied to, sealing it and protecting it from weather elements. If paint is flaking, chipped or otherwise compromised, the surface beneath it may be compromised as well. That can mean wood rot or water intrusion into your home’s outer surface – and, if left for too long, water can make its way inside.
Ignoring small repairs can almost guarantee them turning into more significant problems.
1) When was your last exterior paint job? If it’s been more than six years since you last repainted your home’s exterior, you’re probably due for a repaint. We can inspect your home’s exterior thoroughly and do all the necessary repairs before beginning to paint.  Good prep can help the paint job last longer and save you money in the long run.
2) Where you live can also influence how often you need to repaint.  If you happen to live along the coast of Northern Virginia, you will need to repaint your home’s exterior more frequently than those of us inland. The coastal weather can be tough on any exterior causing most coastal homes to be repainted more often depending on the exterior materials.
3) We only use high-quality paint and prep materials because they better protect the exterior of your home. Using quality materials can also buy you more time in between paint jobs. Paint, especially high-quality paint, acts as a protective coat sealing your home’s exterior to protect it from the weather. It also means your paint is less likely to chip or peel.
4) Regular maintenance can make a significant difference in the overall condition of your home’s exterior, so it’s essential to stay on top of maintenance and periodic professional paint jobs.
If you would like us to assess the condition of your home’s exterior, please call our offices to schedule an evaluation and estimate. We’d be happy to offer our honest, expert opinion!
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