Is your home ready for summer?

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Is your home ready for summer?

Are you ready for summer? The weather is warming up and it’s time to start thinking about getting your Northern Virginia area home ready for summer. Our services and experience extend well beyond just painting! Here are some good tips for you based on a recent HGTV article we came across.

Walkways and driveway:

Are your walkways and driveway in good safe condition and clean? We recommend pressure washing (we suggest professionals do it) your walkways and, if necessary, your driveway. Make any necessary repairs to ensure safety and address any cracks to avoid continued breakage.


Clean leaves and debris from your gutters. The next time it rains, stand outside and look for breaks or leaks in your gutters and downspouts.

Windows and doors:

Spring and summer mean sun and fun. It also means any dirty and broken windows and doors will really stand out. Check your weather stripping and caulk any gaps in your frames and clean those dirty windows. You can use 1 cup of vinegar, 1 cup of ammonia, and 1 gallon of hot water in a bucket and plain warm water in a second bucket. Wash with the vinegar-ammonia solution first, followed by plain water. Dry with a squeegee and use a cloth to wipe off any streaks.  You can also use a bucket of warm water and a few drops of dishwashing detergent followed by wiping off with plain water and then using a squeegee and dry cloth.

Front door:

If you’ve already checked the front door’s weather stripping, then check the condition of the paint or stain. If there is any chipping or peeling, it could be time to paint. We always recommend a high-quality, exterior paint. If your door gets a lot of direct sunlight, it’s even more important that you use the correct paint.

Flower beds:

It’s time to pull out any weeds, add one to two inches of topsoil to your beds, and edge your flower beds or check whatever pavers or stones you use to edge.  Apply two to three inches of quality mulch.


Early summer or even late spring is a good time to clear off leaves from the lawn, base of trees or shrubs, and dethatch your grass using a rake or specialty product for dethatching. If you do your own fertilizing, it’s time to apply product according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Before you turn your sprinklers back on, it’s critical to check them for any damage, including broken heads and cracked pipes. Try running each zone individually while you walk around to inspect each head individually.

Check your home’s exterior:

If you have siding or shingle, it’s good to do a post-winter check for damage or wood rot. If you find anything, it’s important to repair them. Waiting could mean additional damage or water getting into your home.

The deck:

Now is a good time to clean or powerwash your deck. Again, we usually recommend you hire a professional to do your pressure washing. It can be dangerous to try and do it yourself or, at a minimum, you could cause unnecessary damage to your home’s exterior or paint finish. If you want to clean by hand, use a specialty outdoor product to remove any dirt, mildew, or mold that has built up over the winter.
If we can be of any help with your summer pressure washing, exterior wood repair, or painting, contact our offices to schedule a no-obligation estimate. We’d be happy to take a look and let you know how we can be of assistance!

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