Five Tips For Potential Customers

Potential Painting Customers in Chantilly, VA

Five Tips For Potential Customers

Running a painting business in Northern Virginia has distinct advantages. It’s a highly populated area which means greater potential for business. This area tends to attract a discerning clientele willing to ask questions and expect a higher standard of service. We are all too happy to deliver. Our reputation for excellence has helped us build our business.

Here are five important items to consider between the time you call us and our meeting with you to assess your project. These will help us in developing our estimate.

  1. It’s important to have the decision maker (or makers) there when we come to evaluate the project for an estimate. When we get out to meet with you, we will have some questions for you. The answers you provide will likely affect our evaluation. It saves everyone time if the person needing to make the decisions (and who knows about the project) is present. It allows us to be more efficient on your behalf.
  2. Before we come for our assessment, it’s important that you know the scope of the project. If we are painting, how many rooms do you want us to paint? Are we painting doors, trim, and ceilings as well? Are we also painting the closets?
  3. Do a walk-through of your space and take notes that we can discuss during our meeting. The more we know what your needs or vision are, the better.
  4. Do you know what sheen you would like on your walls? We can discuss this during our meeting. (You can refer to our previous post on this topic.)
  5. Do you know the color you want or will you need to meet with our color consultant for a one-hour complimentary consultation?

If you have a painting project in your Northern Virginia and would like an estimate, please contact us today to schedule a meeting. We would enjoy evaluating your painting needs and providing a free, no-obligation estimate.


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