Exciting Innovations in Paint!

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Exciting Innovations in Paint!

If you’re not in the paint industry, you probably don’t realize the amount of research and development done by manufacturers to improve paint. Today’s technology can lead to improvements that go way beyond color. Paint quality is better than ever, and there is more variety. Here are a few paint innovations introduced in the last couple of years.

Self-Cleaning Paint

Adding nano-scale titanium dioxide to paint can produce finishes that rarely, if ever, need cleaning. These nanoparticles add properties that reduce surface friction, allowing dirt to slide off easily or repel stains. A recently introduced product that comes very close to that self-cleaning paint is Benjamin Moore’s Scuff X paint. It’s not just very resistant to showing scuff marks, but it’s highly washable.

Smart Paint

Smart technology has been around for a while and is commonplace in devices. Now there is smart paint that can turn a wall into a smart device with the help of conductive paint. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon and Disney Research have collaborated to design a conductive paint that can turn a wall into an interactive surface, acting as a touchscreen and electromagnetic sensor. It’s not commercially available yet, but once it is, you’ll be able to control your smart devices from a wall painted with this paint product.

Anti-microbial Coatings

Adding silver nanoparticles to paint can kill microbes on contact, keeping surfaces sterile. While this is ideal for medical environments, anti-microbial paint has many other applications, including in kitchens, restaurants, and schools. Last year, Sherwin Williams introduced their first anti-microbial paint: SuperPaint with Sanitizing Technology.

Cabinet Paint 

While paint for cabinets is nothing new, a new uniquely formulated paint for cabinets dries hard, is resistant to moisture, and is abrasion-resistant. It creates a smooth satin gloss finish.

High-Build Coating

Sherwin Williams has introduced Rejuvenate. It’s designed for homes with extremely weathered siding and trim surfaces or surfaces with numerous paint coats. The paint creates a high-build coating that bonds well, creating a smoother, more uniform appearance.

Moisture Repellant

There’s a new classification of finishes called hydrophobic coatings. They repel moisture differently than other coating systems. They’re self-cleaning – dirt and other particles wash away with rain! (Think of how Rain X works.) This innovation can be beneficial to your home’s exterior. Two hydrophobic products currently available are Sherwin Williams Rain Refresh and StoCoat Lotusan.

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