Everything You Need to Know About Wood Rot

Wood Rot

Everything You Need to Know About Wood Rot

Winter is over and now’s a good time to start  thinking about spring and what that can mean for home maintenance. So, let’s talk about wood rot: what it is, how to avoid it, and what it can do to your home.

What is Wood Rot

For wood to rot, it takes oxygen, a certain temperature, and a bit of moisture to create wood-eating fungi. These conditions become ideal for wood rot to occur once things begin to thaw out at the end of winter. Wood rot can quickly become a big problem, as the fungi crave fresh and healthy wood fibers and can spread rapidly.

How to Avoid Wood Rot

The wood most likely to rot in your home is any wood exposed to the weather elements, particularly moisture. This is typically on the exterior of your home or in unsealed crawl spaces. It would be best if you kept out moisture as best as possible. And the best way to protect your home’s exterior wood is to seal it with paint or stain. Sealing wood is not primarily for aesthetic purposes. The most critical purpose is to protect it.

Regular Inspections

Being proactive is vital. Avoiding extensive wood rot repairs can save money. An annual inspection of your home’s exterior or anywhere there is exposed wood is essential for staying ahead of any potential wood rot. Any exposed timber should be flagged for repainting, restaining, or sealing to avoid decay or prevent further rot.

Finding Wood Rot

What steps should be taken if you are already facing a problem of wood rot? Contact a professional painting company, like Home Works Painting, to address any necessary repairs and repainting. We can replace wood as needed or fill, repair, and seal any evidence of wood decay.

We typically advise expediency – don’t wait too long to address any wood rot you find. Once wood rot sets in, it can progress fairly quickly.

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