Estimates…why to meet face to face

Estimates…why to meet face to face

“Can you give me a quote over the phone?” We often get these requests from

prospective customers who are looking to get a painting project completed. While it may

seem like the quick and simple thing to do, it’s usually not in the best interest of the

homeowner or the contractor.

Here’s why…

1. Every home is different

  • For an interior project, estimators will need to see the condition of the

walls and ceilings to know what needs to be completed. They will need to

account for windows, trims, crown molding, as well as preparation. Also, if

there is going to be a color change, the estimator can assess how many

coats of paint will be needed and how much paint to buy.

  • Exterior projects include issues like wood rot, peeling paint or decks that

may need to be stripped before being stained. There are many aspects to

a painting project which most people do not even think about.

2. Details

  • Whether big or small, they are crucial to project running smoothly. Having

details allows the crew to know what to expect so they complete the

project. They will know exactly what to paint, type of paint to be used, any

special equipment needed, etc. During the estimate, the estimator has this

time to find out about any special instructions or wishes of the prospective


3. Accuracy

  • Price and job scope are important to both the customer and the contractor.

Having an accurate estimate will cut down on the need for change orders

and project delays.

4. Getting to know each other

  • When people meet, a level of trust and confidence arises. This is essential

since crews will be working in and around the home for a day or more. It’s

also a great way for the estimator to educate the prospective customer on

what they are seeing and why certain things need to be done. During the

estimate, the customer can learn about a company’s policies, procedures,

and ask any questions they may have.

Taking the time to meet with an estimator is time well spent and will cause less

headaches down the road.

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