Eight Great Tips to Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Eight Great Tips to Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

As busy painting contractors in Northern Virginia, we know a few things about adding curb appeal to a home. While paint can play a significant role in curb appeal, there are other things you can do for your home to make it more attractive.

        1. Repaint your front door: There are several advantages to repainting your front door. An attractive color can make your door the focal point of the home’s facade, making it easier for guests to find when they arrive.
        2. Repaint shutters or add new ones: If you have window shutters, when was the last time you repainted them? Repaint your home’s front door and window shutters for bold impact! If you don’t already have window shutters, consider adding them and coordinating them with your front door color.
        3. Repaint exteriors: Sometimes, your best option is to repaint your home’s exteriors, including exterior doors, siding, and railings. Paint colors can become outdated or fall out of style every few years, causing your home to look older than it is. Other times, paint has worn thin or is flaking, meaning it’s time to hire pros to repaint.
        4. Change hardware (house number and handle): How often have you pulled up to a house, struggled to find its number, and wondered if you’re at the right place? For a great and easy refresher, change your house numbers so they’re easily identifiable and look updated. While you’re at it, consider changing your front door’s hardware. These two elements can have a big effect on curb appeal.
        5. Front porch: Dress up your front porch by adding an attractive sitting area – complete with nice seating and decorative styling, such as outdoor throw cushions, pretty flower pots, and even outdoor lamps. Don’t forget to coordinate the colors with your front door’s color. You can add lovely planters to flank your door (go for symmetry).
        6. Landscape lighting: Jazz up your home’s exteriors with beautiful landscape lighting. A landscape lighting company can install hard-wired lighting. You can do it yourself with inexpensive solar-powered lights that don’t need hard wiring.
        7. Landscape:  Beautiful landscaping can completely transform your home’s appearance. Whether you hire a landscape architect or professional landscaper to create a plan or do it yourself, pretty plantings can be a worthy investment. Do you already have landscaping? Refresh old plants, add new mulching, prune, or colorful annuals.
        8.  Hardscaping:  How are your front path and driveway looking? You can improve the overall look of your home’s front yard by adding new hardscaping or giving the old hardscape a good power washing.

We hope you found these tips helpful! Please don’t hesitate to contact our office if we can help. We offer free, no-obligation estimates for painting projects, but we also provide other services.

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