Debunking Common Interior Painting Myths Inbox

Debunking Common Interior Painting Myths Inbox

Debunking Common Interior Painting Myths Inbox

The world of painting and painting contractors isn’t immune to old wives’ tales and myths. As a homeowner, you need to know what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to painting because there are a lot of misconceptions. We’ve put together a list of several common house painting myths or misconceptions as professional Virginia painting contractors.

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Some Common Myths about Painting:

      • Paint brand doesn’t matter: Indeed, brand matters! Quality matters greatly with paint, and different paints produce different results. We only work with high-quality paint brands like Benjamin Moore to ensure our clients receive good, long-lasting results. 
      • You can use multiple coats of paint instead of primer: It’s a resounding NO in most cases. Primer plays a different role than paint, including helping the paint adhere correctly to the surface. Without primer, you risk premature peeling, cracking, or blistering. It also gives a smoother, more professional appearance to the paint’s surface.
      • Using primer means you don’t have to clean: If you don’t clean and prepare the surface correctly, we promise you that the paint won’t adhere properly and won’t last as long as it should! Always clean and prepare the walls before painting, even when using a primer. 
      • DIY is a good option: When it comes to painting your home, doing it yourself is rarely the best option. It’s not always the cheapest, either! We have the skill, experience, and equipment to get the painting job done well and on a schedule. Most homeowners who tackle a home painting job as DIY spend more time and more money than they originally estimated.
      • Relying on color swatches is good: The color you see on a paint deck (cardboard swatches) or your computer screen will not look exactly the same on a wall. The paint will look slightly different depending on the material it’s painted onto. Always have paint samples painted onto the wall, and don’t rely on color swatches alone.

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