Creative Ideas for Leftover Paint

Leftover paint

Creative Ideas for Leftover Paint

Most professional paint jobs will have at least a little bit of leftover paint. When there’s leftover paint at the end of one of our projects, we typically label the cans and leave them with the homeowner. That leftover paint can be used later for any touch-ups you might need to do in the future. Be sure to store any leftover paints safely in your home and always dispose of old paint according to your city or county regulations. For Fairfax County, VA, click here.

If there’s more leftover paint than we anticipated, or you have paint from another project, here are some great ideas for what you can do with it:

* A great way to up-cycle old furniture is to use leftover paint to give it a whole new look or purpose.

* Paint an accent wall somewhere in your home.

* If you don’t have enough to paint an accent wall, how about some stripes for interest? Instead of buying pricey wallpaper, use some paint to create stripes.

*Donate the paint to a nonprofit organization and, better yet, offer your help repainting something for them. Consider shelters, churches, or schools.

* Save leftover paints for school projects.

* Use small quantities of paint for arts and crafts projects with your children. Paint small boxes to create a village!

* Create artwork by buying some artist’s canvas and get creative. Why spend a fortune on art when you can create your own impressionist artwork!

* Paint the inside of old cabinets, drawers, laundry room, or closets.

* Repaint your front door.

* Paint your garage using leftover paints.

* If you have latex paints, use it to paint on t-shirts. Involve your children and have some fun.

* Buy unfinished furniture and paint it with your leftover paints.

* Buy an artist’s canvas and let your children paint something on it.


We’d love to hear your ideas for other interesting uses for leftover paint! We work with homeowners and businesses across Northern Virginia. Call us to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate of your next painting project or needs.

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