Color Contrast or Not to Highlight Trim?

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Color Contrast or Not to Highlight Trim?

If you have beautiful trim work you want to show off in your home, don’t feel that you have to paint the walls a bold color to show off the trim. You have another option: a lighter color with less contrast. Yes, really!

Bold Contrast:
Typically, our eyes are drawn to color. There are exceptions, of course, such as when dark colors are used as a background, in which case they act more as a neutral.  That aside, paint a bold color on a wall with white trim or crown molding, and your eyes will first be drawn to the color. The contrast created between the color and the white trim is obvious and serves to highlight the trim through the absence of trim color.
Subtle Contrast:
If you use a lighter wall color, there is less contrast with a white-colored trim. You won’t necessarily look at the wall first which means the trim isn’t competing with color.  It’s a more subtle look without the energy of color. There’s no bold color line differentiating trim from the wall. The effect is a more soothing appearance.
When you are thinking of painting in your home, think of the room as a canvas and the wall color as part of the canvas.
Here are some questions to consider:
  • Do you want your wall color to be the key feature of the room or the backdrop to other items in the room, such as art?
  • How will the color coordinate or work with whatever else is in the room?
  • Do you want a bold contrast between the wall color and trim or do you want the walls and trim less difference between them?
All of our clients have a free, one-hour color consultation with a professional interior designer. If you’re ready for a paint project in your home, call us today to schedule your estimate.
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