Apps for Paint Colors

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Apps for Paint Colors

Technology is quickly changing the face of professional services such as painting and color selections. Most major paint manufacturers now offer consumers a handy phone app to simplify the often angst-ridden process of choosing a color.  As professional painters in Northern Virginia, we’ve seen how these apps are making it easy to color match when you find a color you like but don’t know the name, select a color from their palette, and even “try” a color in a room scene to give you a good idea of how it might look.  

Keep in mind that not all computer screens or smartphones display color the same. There’s like to be some variations between what you see on screen and the actual paint color on your wall.

Here are three apps to try out. Each retailer’s web site also provides an online version of the app.

ColorSnap Visualizer from Sherwin Williams

  • You can match any color you see with this app by taking a picture and uploading it to instantly match the color to a color in their palette.
  • Browse their palette of colors to select the one you like.
  • Use a color you like to try out on one or several of their sample scenes!
  • Save the colors you like for easy reference later.

Benjamin Moore Color Capture® App

  • Take a picture of a color you like and finds its match from among their 3500 colors.
  • Share your favorite colors on social media.
  • Save your pictures and coordinating colors.
  • Look through Benjamin Moore’s inspirational color cards.
  • Search for colors on their color wheel.
  • Locate a nearby Benjamin Moore retailer.

ColorSmart from Behr

  • Browse through their BEHR Premium Plus Ultra and Premium Plus colors.
  • You can photo match a color you like using their photo matching tool in the app.
  • You can preview your color selections in different rooms.
  • You can share your color choices to social media.
  • Once you’ve picked out a color and tried them out using their room scenes, you can save the images, colors, and even calculations.
  • The app helps you to find the nearest BEHR retailer.

Any painter can tell you that often times the toughest part of painting is color selection. It can be intimidating to select a color and ask your painter to put it up for you! With any of these apps, however, it’s easier to pick or match a color and see it in a mock-up of a room. If you live in Northern Virginia and would like some help with your next painting project, we are a trusted professional painting service and we would enjoy working with you.

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