2019 Color Trends

2019 Color Trends

2019 Color Trends

It’s that time of year when we talk about color trends for the upcoming year. While color preferences are personal, there are color design trends you should consider – especially if you don’t want your home to look outdated. And if you’re putting your house on the real estate market, it’s even more important that it appears updated and fresh.
So, what’s the big color trend for 2019? There’s no single color trend, but we do see a lot of nature reflected.
Both Elle Decor and  House Beautiful picked terracotta as a new trend for 2019. It’s a much richer version than its cousin, the color blush. That’s not to say we’ve moved beyond blush (pale pink). Terracotta is a rich color that can easily overwhelm, so we suggest using it sparingly.
Grey remains steadfastly popular as a neutral. You can expect to see it with more blue, green, and black undertones, though. It’s also become a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
Mushroom/Putty is a beige with a heavy grey undertone instead of brown undertone. It too serves as a very versatile neutral and makes another good choice for cabinets.
With the growing popularity of minimalism, white/almost-white remains a favorite staple for everything from walls to flooring and furniture. This clean-lined look works well almost anywhere (everywhere) in the house.
Jewel tones remain popular. Open any furniture catalog today, and you’ll see these spread across its pages. It’s particularly popular with sofas and can act as a neutral despite being rich in tone. Think deep greens and blues – and a phenomenal way to create a highlight wall in a room.
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