Wallace Job

Wallace Job

Replace old wallpaper with paint and what you get is a new room. The project we tackled for a charming Northern Virginia couple was an excellent example of the transformative power of paint in the expert hands of a reputable painting contractor.

Scott and Joanne contacted us for an estimate when they decided some minor cosmetic changes were needed in their home. Several of the home’s rooms were ready for some updates. The results were significant as you can see by the before and after pictures of their project.

Rather than embarking on a renovation, often all a homeowner needs to do is repaint certain areas of their home for a completely new look and feel to the space.

However, before we started the painting, it was critical to complete some thorough prep work first.

  • We stripped all wallpaper and backer material.
  • Removed all residual adhesive by scrubbing/washing with a solution.
  • Primed walls with an oil-based primer.
  • Patched all of the walls and caulked all trim/wall joints as needed prior to painting.

Even when no wallpaper stripping is involved, it’s important to be thorough and do a professional-quality preparation. Not doing a good job prepping surfaces and repairing walls risks premature flaking or peeling of paint, cracks, and uneven surfaces or paint. Any professional and reputable painter should do detailed prep as part of every project before they start painting.

We were as excited by the results as were Scott and Joanne! We take a lot of pride in our work ethic, performance, and our commitment to our clients. As a locally-owned Northern Virginia painting contractor, our clients’ satisfaction is important to us!

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